January 17 newsletter covering our
2023 Scholarships & Awards Party!

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Cherie's year-end letter for 2023.

Cherie and the EE kids were featured on the 2022
NBC IRONMAN World Championship television special.

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of the kids in action during 2022.

In 2020, Cherie was inducted into the
USA Triathlon Hall of Fame. The part of her acceptance speech during which she spoke about the EE kids was the highlight of the evening. Click below to see it.

Our Mission

Exceeding Expectations, a program in San Bernardino that serves an inner-city population, is designed to encourage at-risk kids to move their lives in a positive direction, using the sport of triathlon as the vehicle.

The goal is not to develop the kids into elite athletes, but rather to offer them opportunities to participate in a lifestyle that is healthy, goal-oriented and very unlike that which they experience in their everyday lives. We strive to replace negative influences with positive role models and to instill in the kids a powerful new discipline of setting measurable goals and working hard to achieve them.

Our highest priority is education, and our ultimate objective is to ensure that every one of the kids graduates high school and goes on to college. We make this promise to all the EE kids: When you get into college, we'll make sure money isn't an obstacle.

EE is donor-funded and run by volunteers. We have no paid staff and no professional fund-raisers. With the exception of insurance costs, we have no administrative expenses: Every penny we collect directly benefits the kids.

Our most important objective is EDUCATION. Check out our Jan. 15, 2023 Awards & Scholarships celebration to see how that's working.


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Palm Springs Tram Road Challenge
canceled again?

No problem: We put on our own!

2024 Events Coming Up

  • May 12: Training

  • June 15: San Bernardino Sheriffs Mud Run

  • July 14: Training

  • July 28: Training

  • Aug 18: Training

  • Sept 1: Training


  • Nov 3: CAF "Best Day In Tri"

2023 Events

  • Jan 15: Awards & Scholarships party

  • Feb 12: Palm Desert 5K & Half Marathon

  • Feb. 25 Run for Ukranian Refugees

  • March 5: Run for Ike

  • Apr 2: Kick off summer run/bike training

  • Apr 30: PossAbilities (Canceled by host!)

  • May 21: Summer Run/Bike training

  • June 10: SBD Sheriff Dept. Mud Run

  • July 9: Summer Run/Bike training

  • Aug 20: Summer Run/Bike training

  • Sep 3: Summer Run/Bike training

  • Sep 17: Summer Run/Bike training, Race for CAF, and awarding of slots to CAF "Best Day in Tri" in San Diego!

  • Oct 21: Tram Road Challenge in Palm Springs

  • Oct 22: CAF "Best Day in Tri," San Diego


EE kids at the 2023 Tram Road Challenge and the
Challenged Athletes Foundation "Best Day in Tri"





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