March 2024

Hello, Friends:

Last Sunday we gathered our Exceeding Expectations family together for an afternoon of inspiration.

We watched a movie, A Million Miles Away, which is the true story of Jose Hernandez, the son of migrant farm workers, who, through determination, sacrifice and years of never, ever, ever giving up, became an astronaut and realized his dream when he flew into space for a stay on the International Space Station.

We introduced the movie by having Marlene Samano Ramirez speak to the group. She is now 30 years old and has a Master’s degree, her dream job and a wonderful family of her own. At 9 years of age, she was one of our original EE members. She told her story, beginning with her family, which was unstable and uneducated. She described having a goal to get educated and, with EE’s support, along with hard work and a never-give-up attitude, she and her family are now enjoying a very happy and successful life. It was powerful stuff!


The kids and their families were riveted by the movie. This young boy, Jose Hernandez, who grew up and accomplished his big dream, started out  just like them. It made the kids ask themselves: What life story will I write? And it made the parents ask: How can I help my child write his story?


Salvador, of course, provided the movie food, which everyone loved. It was a good day!