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Edgar Orozco: U.S. Marine!

June 6, 2008

What a great day for Exceeding Expectations and the Orozco family. Long-time team member Edgar Orozco graduated boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (MCRD) in San Diego, California.

And he did it in style, too. You might recall that last year Edgar graduated high school with high distinction. (story here). Well, he didn't stop there. He was one of only six of the 76 members of Alpha Company Platoon 1005 to be named a "Meritorious Promotee" and achieve the rank of Private First Class.

A group of Edgar's EE teammates traveled down to San Diego to cheer him on during the moving ceremony.

*   *   *   *   *   *


Stephanie, Isi, Marlene and Marvin show you just how big a
15-inch round is. Packed with 150 pounds of explosives (the shells,
not the kids), they travel at Mach 2 and make a crater 20 feet deep.


You could land the Shuttle on the enormous parade grounds of MCRD.
That's Coach Cherie and the girls heading for the reviewing stands.


Honoring the colors


Entertainment from the Marine Band.
Mighty good bunch of musicians, too.


Edgar's platoon entering the parade grounds


That's him in the middle.



Cherie looking on proudly, along with great friend of the program
Don Reilly and his friend, Kevin Kelley, a retired Marine.


Edgar, not a chunky guy to begin with, lost fifteen pounds
during the thirteen weeks of boot camp. Never looked fitter, though.


Edgar's drill instructor. (OMG)



A hug from girlfriend Maria


Congrats from the coach.


Exceeding Expectations co-founders with the star team member of the day.
As optimistic as Jacque and Cherie were when they started the program,
they never envisioned an event like this one.


Don Reilly, Edgar, Kevin Kelley and Mike Reilly.


Mike "Voice of Ironman" Reilly (Don's brother) has always been a fan of the EE kids and came to show his support for Edgar and the program. As it happens, Mike was on the grounds of MCRD less than a week ago calling the finish of the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon, and renewed his acquaintance with Brigadier General Angela "Angie" Salinas, the highest ranking female Hispanic in the Marine Corps and the first Latina to achieve the rank of Brigadier General.


Cherie brought some photos of the Arizona Ironman, which Edgar
couldn't attend because he was busy becoming a Marine.


Don Reilly is one of those guys who puts his money where his heart his. One of the biggest contributors to Exceeding Expectations, this was his first chance to actually meet some of the kids face to face. Next week we'll tell you about the significant role he's playing in ensuring that team members with special talents get the support and training they need to fulfill their potential and "exceed expectations."


A splendid time was had by all,
and congratulations, Edgar!