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2008 High School Grads


Willie Barrios
Nik Keller
Jose Lopez


All three of these EE kids are the first
in their families to graduate from high school.


Willie and Jose were at San Gorgonio High


A very proud Barrios family honoring their grad.
That's Willie's sister Vianey on the right .



The Grad and the Coach.
Willie is moving on to Valley College in the fall.


EE team member Ariceli Zaragosa (right)came to see
a cousin graduate and do a little chillin' with Vianey.


And remember original team member Emilio?
He graduated last year and just completed his first year at
UC Riverside. Turned into a real preppie, didn't he?


And our very own Jose Lopez, who's going to be trading in his
cap and gown for a U.S. Army uniform on July 1.
He's the second EE team member in the service: Edgar Orozco
graduated from Marine boot camp last week, and
Marvin Barrigan joins the Navy in September.


Over at Vista del Lago High in Moreno Valley,
Nik Keller lapped the field with a string of high honors.


Was Mom proud? Let's see:
Nik was one of 17 "Top Scholars" who achieved GPAs of at least 4.0.
He was also a National Honor Society member, received a
certificate of Outstanding Academic Excellence from the (U.S.) President's
Education Awards Program, and scored a scholarship from the
Moreno Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


Nik's buddies decided to show their respect after the formal ceremony.
("Just don't hit my cell phone...")
He's on his way to U.C. San Diego in the fall.


A great day in EE history!