September 11, 2022

Hello Everyone,

2001 was a tragic year for our country and it was also the first year of Exceeding Expectations.

We must never forget what was lost that year, but we can reflect on what was gained as well. We discovered that, for some at-risk kids in San Bernardino who had no means of making better lives for themselves and their families, there was a way to break out of their environment. We send these periodic "progress reports" to show you how, with heightened expectations, structure and support, our kids are overcoming the limitations of their circumstances and thriving.

We gathered last Sunday for our annual event where the kids vie for five slots to the legendary Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) Triathlon in San Diego. Their goal was to be in the top five in a 10-mile race. Although there was lots of excitement about the running ahead, we took a moment to remember this date, 9/11, twenty-one years ago when so many lives were lost and our world was changed forever. Many of our kids weren’t born in 2001, but we want to make sure they understand and appreciate the significance of what happened that day.


Talking about 9/11


And then the fun began. There were top-three awards for those who ran two, three or four miles and a medal presentation and CAF slots awarded to the five 10-mile winners.


Congratulations to Miguel, Richard, Eduardo, Ricardo and Arian.

We look forward to seeing some of you on October 23nd at the CAF event, which is called The Best Day in Triathlon. This is a gathering of courageous, physically challenged athletes who, with the help of the CAF organization, are living active, competitive sporting lives. Being there, witnessing the spirit and the accomplishment of these amazing people, will change your life.

Our older kids (young adults!) continue to exceed expectations. Arian, Yoselin and Fernanda each became college freshmen last month. Arian and Yoselin are studying at Valley College where they’re also running on the track team. Fernanda is attending San Diego State University. This is her first time away from home, but she’s adapting well and loving college life. Fernanda’s sister, Nancy, has left home for the first time as well. She’s starting her senior year at the University of Redlands and moved into the dorms for her final year to get the full college experience.

Fernanda at SDSU


Fernanda's brother, John (Cal Baptist '22), helping her move in.
His new Bachelor's degree in Construction Management is being put to good use!



Nancy in her new college room


Josh, who received his Masters in Music in May, is currently traveling in Europe, playing with a select Southern California orchestra. Josh has been with us since the beginning of the EE program and to see him excelling at something he loves and playing beautiful music while seeing the world is so rewarding. I think you’ll enjoy this video of him playing in Venice, Italy this summer. Click on the photo below to see it.





Many of you have been with us since the very early days and some of you have more recently learned of our foundation. Every one of you has contributed to the kids’ progress, in many different ways. And we are so grateful to you. I hope when you see or read of our kids’ accomplishments, you feel pride in the role you play in their success.

Thank you.