Hello, Everyone:

It’s almost June, which means it’s time for graduation! It’s also 2020, and I don’t have to remind you what that means.

But life goes on, in some form, and we have some graduations to brag about.

Isi has been with EE since she was 11 years old. Many of you have watched her grow from a little kid into a beautiful young woman. She’s graduating from University of California Riverside with a degree in linguistics and a minor in Italian. Her plan is to pursue a graduate degree in speech pathology, starting in 2021.


Josh has also been with EE since he was a little guy. Many of you have heard him playing the violin when we’ve videoed his recitals over the years. He’ll graduate from Cal State San Bernardino with a degree in music and is then headed directly to Cal State Long Beach to pursue graduate studies in music. Here he is with the President of CSUSB and mom Jacque during his musical trip to Seoul, South Korea.


Vanessa is one of the Alvarez “clan,” whom many of you know from EE photos, and she will be the third from the extended family to attend college. She’s off to Cal State San Bernardino in the fall after finishing high school as an honor student. She’s still a bit undecided on a career path and will be using her freshman/sophomore years to find her passion.


Ricardo is going to San Bernardino Valley College for his first two years before transferring to a 4-year school. As many of you know, Ricardo is a star athlete. He has been recruited by Valley for their running team, so the school will most certainly be a contender starting this September!


Saul is graduating from high school but has not yet made a decision on his next step.


Jeffrey and his mom Nancy are both graduating in the class of 2020. Jeffrey is finishing high school and will be attending Chaffey Community College for his first two years. Mom Nancy is graduating from San Bernardino Valley College with an Associate Degree in child development. This is a very special moment for both mother and son and for Exceeding Expectations.



Every one of these kids has been working hard, taking classes remotely, finishing up their senior year with none of the usual perks of being a high school or college senior. I’m so proud of each of them for accepting the current situation, acting in a safe manner and pushing ahead to make the most of the hand they’ve been dealt.

Congratulations to Everyone!


During these challenging times, EE is still moving forward. A few highlights:

John, another of the Alvarez clan and the first to go to college, is in the home stretch. He’ll graduate from Cal Baptist University with a degree in construction management next December.


Marlene is getting straight As in her graduate program in social work and she’s doing this while she and her very supportive husband Hilario are raising a precious little 2-year old.


Twelve other EE kids are currently in college. Each is working remotely from home and may be doing the same when school resumes in September. This is not ideal, but every one of them is adapting and doing well.


The Olivares family welcomed a new baby girl into the world this month. If she has any of the family “run genes” (that’s brother Richard on the right), watch out!



We’re very grateful that our EE family is doing well, but we very much miss being together. And I know that you’re all going through the same experience with your own families.

We wish you all the best. Stay well and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our Exceeding Expectations family.