Copy of Cherie's September letter:

Hello Everyone,

 September is always a special month for Exceeding Expectations and this is no exception.

 We have four kids (young adults) starting college this month. John and Tammy are freshmen in four-year colleges and Orion and Enrique are starting in a local community college. This means tuition payments, buying books, setting up bank accounts and all the usual tasks that all you parents go through with your own kids. For us, this September ritual is a happy reminder that our kids truly are exceeding expectations. This idea that we had 15 years ago and the support you’ve given us over those years is working!

 And best of all – our younger EE kids and their families now expect that they, too, will graduate from high school and continue on with their education.

 September also concludes our summer run training program which ends with a team 10 mile race. The winners earn a trip to San Diego to participate in the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) triathlon in October. It’s a very special weekend for our kids. They mix and mingle with so many inspirational people who are facing and overcoming challenges everyday – much as our kids are.

 This year, we had just five kids who trained all summer for the long distance. So it wasn’t so much a competition for the San Diego slots as an opportunity for the five to meet personal goals, which they did in grand style. Ricardo, our first place finisher, completed the run in a time of 1:03:00. Now, our course is actually a little shy of ten miles, but this kid flies. He’s fairly new to EE, but so far he’s placed in the top three overall in every 5K race he’s done. And the part I love most is that he’s an excellent student as well as a great athlete.

 We’re also looking forward to December. We’ve started a new program called Movin’ Up, thanks to a grant from USAT and much help from our great EE supporters, Tri La Vie. We’re working with a group of our very young kids who have been doing 5Ks but never a triathlon. We got tiny bikes for them (not an easy job) and have added bike training to their current run training. Next month we’re starting swim training with another great EE supporter – professional swim coach Ben Hobbins in Palm Desert. In December, they’ll make their triathlon debut at the Tinsel Tri.

 As always, we recognize that any progress we’re making with our EE kids is due to the very generous support from each of you. I expect you can “hear” the pride in my voice in these messages I send about what the kids are accomplishing. I hope you share in that pride because you are the reason it’s working.  

 Thank you very much. And enjoy a few pictures (below) from Sunday’s “Race for CAF.”




A couple of the earlier risers get to pose for a picture.
That's UCSD grad and EE member Nik Keller in the back.


The 10-mile runners start first. They're the ones trying to qualify
to go the Challenged Athletes Event.


Waiting for the results...and the medals.


Cherie hangs medals on the winners.
Each of them got one of her 2016 Ironman 70.3 medals.


Israel, Raul, Andrew, Ricardo and Arian.


Ahris got one of Lee's race credential badges.


Some of the younger kids in the MOVIN' UP program.
(We couldn't get the others off their bikes for a picture.)
A splendid time was had by all!