Copy of email sent to friends of EE on Sept. 17, 2012:


What a terrific Sunday. We had our annual race to see which five kids get to go to the Challenged Athletes Foundation event in San Diego in November, swimming for the older kids who are training for their first open water triathlon , and a really special treat for Anthony Patterson. Hope you can take a few minutes to share the day with us in pictures.


P.S. As noted below, Cherie has been giving her medals and trophies to the kids in honor of their accomplishments. There were a lot to start with, but she's running low. It would be wonderful if those of you who have amassed boxes full of hardware that you have no plans to display or otherwise dispose of would consider donating them to EE so we can keep up this great tradition.





The day started off with some surprises for Coach Cherie in
celebration of her victory at the Ironman 70.3 World
Championship last week, starting with a ribboned staff and
tiara presented by EE Shoemaster Craig Pollat.

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By the way, see his T-shirt? I asked him if he'd done Wildflower.
Well, kind of: He rode his bike (pulling a little trailer) from his
home in Redlands to the race site at Lake San Antonio, a mere
290 miles, did the race (a half-Ironman distance), then rode
home. So that's a "Yes?"



Criag pointed out that the staff included a timer, and swore
(feebly) that it wasn't a comment on Cherie's age.

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Cherie wore the tiara for the rest of the day. Here she gets
a bouquet from Jeffrey on behalf of his family.

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There were also personal letters from the kids, this one
from Ana.

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Craig, as he always does, brought shoes for the kids. Here's
Joseph trying on some new ones.

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Just sayin'


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Then it was off to the races. Anthony-1 led the way at the
beginning of the 10-miler, with Anthony-2 close behind.

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One-mile water stop manned by Jay Thorpe (in the hat)

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Taking a break after the 5K.

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You'd think that the John would be tired after a hard 10K.
You'd be wrong.

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Isi digs into a PB&J. Cherie has it down to a science and can
make fifty of them in about twenty minutes.

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As has become an EE tradition, every finisher gets one of Cherie's
medals. I thought she had a lifetime supply but since our mantra
is "Never, ever, ever give up," there are an awful lot of finishers.
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And then it was on to the special awards. (Note the tiara.)

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Most determined runner: Natalie!

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Most likely to run in the Olympics: Arian. Hes eight years old and

just finished the ten miler, and he's also run a 19-minute 5K.
Id say hes got a shot at The Games!

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5K winner Fernanda Alvarez

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10K winner John Alvarez (keeping it in the family)

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Ten-mile winner: Anthony Patterson

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The winners in each of three age divisions got special medals.
All of these are from major Ironman or 70.3 events that Cherie has won.

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The winners going to the CAF event in San Diego:
Ana, Saul, Alex, Enrique and Anthony

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There were also posters for all.

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Then it was on to the pool for some swim coaching.

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"Don't forget to breathe."

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Honing Anthony's technique before letting him loose in the lane.

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After that, a major treat for Anthony Patterson. He is the recipient
of a bike formerly owned by 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Champion
Terenzo Bozzone that was donated to us by the Talbert Family
Foundation (the same good friends who last year gave us a bike
ridden in the Ironman World Championship in Kona by Chris
McCormack.) To top it off, Anthony got a custom fit from one of
the best in the business, Mike McKovich, who has been donating
his world-class services to the kids for years.

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"I so deserve this!"

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A little test spin...

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..and Anthony decides that maybe he'll keep it.

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A splendid time was had by all!

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