The weekend started with a visit to the CAF center for registration

Truer words...

With Bob Babbitt, co-founder of the Challenged Athletes Foundation

Basketball legend Bill Walton. And no, he's not standing on anything except the floor.

Sarah Reinertsen, above-the-knee amputee who successfully completed the Ironman World Championship on her second try

Then it was off to the beach.

Ana deciding whether to jump in the water

First time Alex had ever seen the ocean. Looks terrified, doesn't he?

Took him a good ten seconds to get used to it.

Saul took a little more convincing.

An evening and overnight at David and Lorena's in Cardiff. That's Marlene Samano in the middle, Lorena on the far left.


Getting race-ready the night before

The coach puts a band on Enrique.

What's wrong with this picture?

Put away the toys and let's talk about getting up at 5:00 in the morning.

"The best day in triathlon"

EE volunteers "Shoe Craig" Pallot and Ryan Trettevik

With our old friend Rudy Garcia-Tolson. Hard to tell but Enrique (upper left) is really quite excited.

Parade of the challenged athletes

All ages welcome.

Everybody gets to participate.

Anthony gets a chance to touch Blake's silver and bronze Paralympics medals. (Rio gold is the new goal.)

Craig: "Ana just 'jacked your camera!" (Photo by Ana)

Swim start. (Photo by Ana)

Spectators in the premium seats

And they're off! (Photo by Ana)

Ironman Arizona age-group winner Karen Aydelott (Photo by Ana)

Rudy (Photo by Ana)

Ana and Ryan sprinting for the finish of the ten-mile run

A splendid time was had by all!