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Exceeding Expectations
PossAbilities 2009 - Loma Linda, CA
Aptil 26, 2009

010-sign 020-trailer 030-some-kids 040-damien-et-amis 050-sandy-babu 060-michellie 070-willie
Click on the above photo, then follow the arrows to see the rest of the pictures. Chillier than it looks...about 48 degrees Damien & chum Rudy Garcia-Tolson's mom Sandy, with "Competitor" editor Bob Babbitt Olympic triathlon silver medalist and world Ironman champion Michellie Jones "One-armed Willie" Stuart
080-cold-cherie 090-kids-pre-start 100-start-long-view 110-start 120-rollers-start 130-ee-start-1 140-ee-start-2
The coach, trying to stay warm Heading for the start line
150-josh-finish 160-nik-finish 170-kylie-finish 180-cherie-finish 190-rudy-finish 200-isi-finish 210-robert-finish
Josh leads the EE team at the run finish of the triathlon. He'd Nik had a great day in the 5K. EE volunteer Kylie had a great day in the triathlon. The coach racked up another first place finish. The amazing Rudy Garcia-Tolson. In October he's going to try to become the first double above-the-knee amputee to finish an Ironman. Isi Ibara Robert Hernandez, smiling as always
220-marlene-finish 240-craig-finish 250-balloon-guy 260-kid-a-bike 270-damien-bike 280-cherie-bike 290-5k-medals
Marlene had a tough day but finished gamely. EE trailer and property master Craig takes a break from herding Showing off their 5K medals and heading to the pool to cheer for their teammates doing the triathlon
300-rudy-swim-finish 310-hot-tub 370-kid-tri 380-ee-kid-tri 390-ee-kid-tri 400-kid-tri 410-kid-tri
Rudy, after blitzing past the rest of the field in the water The effort is great, the rewards sublime. On to the highlight of the event: The KIDS' TRI! Our younger kids get their feet wet on a shorter course. "Put me in, coach!" Quick repair: Hit it 'til it looks right.
420-kid-tri 430-kid-tri 440-kid-tri-start 450-kid-tri-start-2 460-kid-tri-obstacle 470-kid-tri-wheres-bike 480-kid-tri-t2
Quick-don helmet carrier "Whaddaya mean, illegal? It's a wetsuit!" Two fun house obstacle courses between the run and bike legs "Shoulda marked my bike better. Now I'll never find it!" "Changing tent? Forget it...takes too much time!"
490-kid-tri-outside-asst 500-kid-tri-medal 510-kid-tri-medals 515-team-meeting 520-rudy-team    
Outside assistance violation. Penalty: Two minutes in the box Team meeting to explain the new system for deciding who gets to go to the Challenged Athletes Foundation Race and Endurance Sports Award banquet at Sea World. It isn't going to be easy. Rudy chillin' with the team. A splendid time was had by all!