Exceeding Expectations
at the 2009


Omar (Vianey's brother) at his first EE event, along with Coach Cherie,
Vianey and Marlene



With the addition of a bunch of kids from Lankershim Elementary,
we've expanded beyond our Cypress school roots.


...but some things never change! Newcomer Ian fits right in.


Volunteer Jeanelle and Earl



I think we're gonna need a bigger trailer.



Eight people standing around staring at a repair problem?
Definitely a government job.


Trailermaster Craig grabs control, with daughter Nicolette providing supervision.


College-boy Nik (right) is at UC San Diego but still shows up to lend a hand whenever he can, usually with brother Cesar and mom Kami in tow.


First timers, from Lankershim Elementary.


Ironman legend Bill "The Old One" Bell stops by for a visit.


Jeanelle gives the newbies a pre-race briefing.


The Tinsel Tri gets more popular every year.


Isi burning in the last few feet of the 5K. First place in her age group!


Kevin coming into transition. Unfortunately, he was doing the 5K!


The Coach coming into triathlon transition. (She'd take first place in her age.)


Kanisha, no doubt a future Olympian.


Now there's some serious determination.


Craig tested out a bum knee. One tough guy.


'Nuff said.


They'll be friends again later, but for now...it's war!


What the...?


Earl plans his finishing strategy.


Doesn't look like it right now, but Jose had a good day.


First-timer Anna creatively finding a way.

Whatever it takes...


...just get to the finish line!


Teddy: "I'm not drowning...I'm swimming!"


Tyler, a future trendsetter.




The Lankershim Kids had a great day and are EE-ers to stay.
Their committed teacher, Jennifer Noel, is third from the left wearing a visor.


The Coach scores hardware.

What EE is really all about: Setting a goal and exceeding expectations.
Way to go, Andrew!


A splendid time was had by all!


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