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at the Highlands Family YMCA Races

January 25, 2009

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010-Pinning on race numbers 020 First time using a timing chip for Tyler Thompson, so Mom (who works at Cypress Elementary) and Grandma assist 030-This is easy 040-Me too 050 In January, 2001, this was the EE team's very first race, kicking off the whole program 050-Raneesha visualizing her race 060 Earl, Cassandra and Raneesha just wanna have fun 070-Jaime with game face
080 Kevin (The Sherpa) Jackson 090-Teddy & Damien 100-Coach Cherie and Jacque trying to keep track of 41 kids in 4 different races 110 Alexis and Natali - Where are we, and why are we wearing these numbers 120 Anthony R, Armondo and Anthony G channeling the Three Stooges 130-Someday we'll grow up to be EE Kids 140-Trying to set the Guinness record for laying down a mile of quarters - This was a dry run 150-It will take over 60,000 quarters in all
160 Posing for a newspaper photographer - Everybody pretend to be normal 170-Last-minute briefing 180 Manuel Carillo, an old team member, shows up after several years away 190 And one of Manuel's brothers joins the team 210 Carlos, Anthony R, Armondo, Anthony G and his little bro Manuel -- Chillin' with your buds, life is good 220 Jaime's sister Alexis scores the first medal of the day 230-Robert getting ready for the 10K 240-Half-marathoners Mike, Josh and Miguel - Mike, one of our super volunteers, finished fifth overall
250 And they're off! 260-Heading over to the 5K start 270-Olympic material 280-Right up there at the front with the top runners - Hope they invite us back 290-Off to a fast start, but pretty much got rolled over by the end of the block 300 Manuel and his brother, Joshua 310 Anthony in the home stretch 320-We're losing Cassandra in March - she's moving to Arkansas with her family - She will be missed
330 Maurtrea burns it in 340 Fredrick on the home stretch 350 Brian, all trimmed down, ran a PR 360 Alex bringing it home 370-Not so funny now, is it 380 Tyler is in the zone 390 Joe took no prisoners 400-One block to go - time to adjust the iPod
410 Lizette and the Sherpa 420-Raneesha is still smiling 430 Johnathan -- and yes, that's how he spells it 440 Anthony G's sibs Arianna, Serina and Manuel surrendering the timing chips 450 Robert wins his age group! 460 Isi started out on the half-marathon, but lost her lunch and switched to the 10K 470-Volunteer and trailer-master Craig has a good day 480-Teddy wants to make sure  this is really the finish line before he stops - It was, and he placed second
490 Jaime and Damien, close friends to the finish 500-Volunteer Kylie, Mike's wife, finishes fourth female overall and sets a PR in the half 510-Miguel displaying his usual fine form 520-Marlene is not far behind, and won her age group! 530-Volunteer Mickey Ask 540-And here comes The Coach 550 A very proud day for Cherie, because long-time protege Marlene finally beat her in a half marathon 560-The boys swept the 10K medals
570 Josh, a serious contender who was the Number One EE kid until close to the end, had a serious cramp but still got to the finish before everybody else -- except it was in a police car 575-Master masseuse James Archer, obviously terribly worried, goes to work on Josh 580-Once the gang figured out it wasn't serious--- 590--- they let Josh have it, but good 600 And what would a race day be without a big finish at Chez Home Town Buffet. As always, a splendid time was had by all!