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A big Fourth of July weekend


The kids raced the Palisades Will Rogers 5K & 10K,
one of the most popular running races in Southern California,
then spent the day at the beach with kids from the
L.A. Youth Triathlon.

Apologies for the quality of the photos:
Your humble shutterbug grabbed his video camera
instead of the still.


These kids from East L.A. are members of USA Youth Triathlon, an organization
started by our friends Debra and Doug Hafford of Santa Monica.


EE kids Isi and Marlene, relaxing before the race.


A joint pre-race briefing by coaches Cherie and Debra.


2,300 runners, a lot for a local event


Some of the EE kids teamed up and ran with USAYT members.
That's Vianey on the right.


And Ariceli running with a new friend.


The coaches ran, too.


Miguel placed second in Boys 10-14. See how proud his baby sister Karen is?


The coach took first in Women 60-64.


After the race, Doug & Debra hosted the kids to a day at the beach.


Marvin and Carlos spent most of the day debating about whether to dare the ocean.
The ocean didn't get Marvin, but it will pretty soon:
He's being inducted into the Navy on September 20.


Isi, hoping the tide is on the way out instead of in.


Stephanie always wondered what it's like to get hit by a big wave.


Now she knows.


Dough, Cherie and Debra keeping a watchful eye.


That was Friday, the Fourth of July. 
Sunday, it was back to training with a six-mile run in Loma Linda.
Here are Jacque and son Damien


Isi and Marlene.


Miguel and Isi's dad, Meli, was on support duty.


...with a little help from Karen.


PE teacher Bill, Cherie, Carlos and Vianey.
A fitting end to a great weekend.


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