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December 14, 2008
Hemet, California

Fully back in operation!



EE super-volunteer Criag Huendorf has made the trailer his own project.
Daughter Nicolette assisted in implementing his interior design.




Took the kids about four minutes to locate the goodies.



For some, race morning temp of 32 degrees meant seeking
a more attractive alternative than the trailer shopping spree.


EE volunteer Mickey Ask helping one of the newer
team members number up.





We had thirty-two kids in the race. Here are a bunch
of them at the start.






Miguel's track-buddy Brian and his twin brother Brent 
joined us for the day. If Brent looks a little dejected, it's because 
he was in first place - overall - at the finish line of the 5K.
Then he discovered it wasn't the finish line.
A little bit of scrambling and he still took third overall.


Meanwhile, his brother Brent was in the triathlon.





A proud family looks on.


Little sister Maria


5K finishers root for their triathaloning teammates at the pool.


Josh is our first finisher. Getting to be a habit.


Meli wasn't too far behind.


The Coach


Craig left the trailer long enough to turn in
an impressive perfromance.


Brian congratulates Marlene on her first place finish in the 5K.


Gee...another first for the Coach.


EE volunteer Mike Donia was the overall top finisher in
the triathlon, and bride Kylie grabbed first in her age.


As always, a splendid time was had by all!


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