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Exceeding Expectations joins the
L.A. Tri Club
at the
USA Triathlon "Pumpkin Man" Club Nationals
October 18, 2008 -- Lake Mead, NV


The good people of the L.A. Tri Club, always great friends of the kids, combined fundraising for their participation in the
club nationals with support of Exceeding Expectations.

In addition to raising money for the program,
they invited Cherie and some EE team members to compete
with them against other tri clubs from around the country.


Miguel and his dad Meli, Coach Cherie and Josh


EE co-founder Jacque Irons (Josh's mom)


Josh is ready to rock 'n' roll


Great friend of the kids Mike Donia,
swimming for Miguel in the relay


...and he gets things off to a huge start.


Cherie coming into T2


Meli heading out of T2


Miguel finishing first among his EE teammates


Josh comes in shortly thereafter


And then Cherie. She finished the Ironman six days ago but
nobody cut her any slack.


Meli looking proud of a race well run


A happy crew


The L.A. Tri Club team which, by the way,
took first place overall in the national club competition!



Things were jumping at the "Pink Taco" nightclub
at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas


A chance for triathletes to dress up in other than sports clothes



The raffle begins


Miguel and Josh are invited up to draw for the three grand prizes



A splendid time was had by all!
And, by the way, the L.A. Tri Club raised
Ten Thousand Dollars
for the kids!


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