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Celebrating Christmas &
Wrapping up 2008 the Jacque Irons home, December 21.


Jose Lopez, on leave from his Army duties in Georgia and hanging out
with his old EE teammates. (Edgar Orozco was supposed to be here as
well but was called back to his Marine post in Pendleton the day before.)


Nik Keller, home from the holidays after finishing his first
semester at the University of California San Diego.


A wonderful surprise as the Holguin family shows up. That's EE original
Emilio on the right next to Mom, Jenetta. Next to him is older brother
Ralph, and the young guy in green is Brandon. Remember him? No?


Remember him now?


Nik, Jenetta and Cherie reminiscing over old team photos.


Emilio watching himself on an EE DVD from the "old days."


EE co-founder with a Holguin grandkid and future team member.


Meli (Miguel and Isi's dad) with youngest daughter, Karen.


Isi and EE volunteer Mickey Ask in no-holds-barred, anything goes,
full contact Wii baseball.



Nik trying to get The (stunned) Coach to understand that
she just lost Wii tennis by one point. She is not amused. 

Mikey Arbor's aunt and mom. The boy himself couldn't get off work.


At this point, we took a break so the kids could dig into a huge box
of goodies supplied by our friends at: Community           


We would have had photos but, uh...picture 22 starving
pit bulls that just discovered a sirloin steak hidden in a piņata.


The Coach explaining the ground rules for the upcoming Swimathon.


Vianey (left) with Jose and his sisters Lizeth and Magdalena


EE volunteers Mike Donia, Criag Huendorf and Kylie Donia
look on in admiration as...


...Miguel shows off some dazzling skills.


Mike then tries to recapture his own razzle-dazzle.


More sober pursuits from Jacque's son and EE team member,
accomplished violinist Josh.


...who hasn't yet learned to care for his fingers the way
he does for his fiddle.


The EE team wishes all our friends and supporters a
happy, healthy and safe holiday and a splendid 2009!


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