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New Kidz on da Block

Twenty newcomers to the EE team joined twenty-five veterans for this annual running race in Loma Linda, CA. It's been a long time since we had this many kids at a single event, and it was a great warm-up for next week's Tinsel Tri, the first triathlon since our recovery from the theft of our trailer and equipment.



The whole gang, in the pre-dawn chill


The new kids had little trouble getting into the swing of things.


Josh helps out with a new, disposal type of timing chip.


"Tres amigas" help out with makeup.


A briefing from the Coach


Off to the start


"Piece of cake..."




Joshua, Robert and Cassandra burning it in on the 5K


Focus. Focus.


Next week, visor lessons


Lisette and Magdalena


Rayneesha had a stitch in her side but it didn't slow her down.


Oh, that felt so good!


First medal. There will be many more.


The 5K-ers cheer on their teammates in the 15K.


Miguel is the team's first finisher the 15K.


His sister, Isi...


...and dad, Meli.


The Coach


Vianey, with volunteer Craig in pursuit




A pulled calf muscle didn't keep Stephanie from finishing.


Did we mention that this is the "Holiday" classic?


Volunteer Kylie




Miguel and two school buddies


Veteran Marlene knows a free massage when she sees one.


Isi had other ideas...but no license (and thus no key).


As always, a splendid time was had by all!


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