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EE Half Marathon:
"The Race for the Race"

On Sunday, August 31, the kids ran their annual half marathon to see which five would get to participate in the Challenged Athlete Foundation's 15th anniversary San Diego Triathlon Challenge on October 26.

-Photos by Mike Donia-


The day began with a briefing from the coach.
("Stay hydrated, and never, ever, ever give up!")


And off they go.


Carlos remains resolute through the tough, hot grind.


Eventual overall winner Miguel shows his excellent form.


At the ten-mile mark, fatigue begins to set in, and Isi gets some encouragement
from the Coach, who has been there once or twice before.


Fortunately, volunteers Mike Donia and Kylie soon-to-be-Donia
(they're getting married next week) arranged a professional aid station
at the turnaround to supplement roving vehicle support.


And the winners are:
Isi, Josh, Miguel, Carlos and Marlene!


Major thanks for excellent support from
Kylie, Mike, Jacque & Brett.

A splendid time was had by all.


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