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Exceeding Expectations

at the

Tinsel Triathlon (& 5K)

December 8, 2007



The Palm Springs YMCA was kind enough to let us stage our bike
and equipment trailer on their property for the week before the race.


Warm and sunny Southern California, right?
A storm the night before drenched the local hills in snow.
The race site was in the 30s at 6:30 a.m.


"Ve vant to pomp you op!"
Isi helping to get the bikes ready.


New team member and bike mechanic Marvin (aka "Pepe"), left,
and new volunteer Craig. Both did yeoman work getting all the bikes ready.


Josh Rodriguez sporting his sponsor tat.


New team members Destiny, Cheyann and Kassandra.
It was  the generous contributions of EE friends during 2007 that made
it possible for us to bring more great kids like these into the program.


More new members: Rudolfo and Alexis


Veteran Damian, EE co-founder Jacque Irons' son


Coach Cherie with Vianey and Aricelli


The starting lineup. By this time, it had warmed up enough for the
sweats to come off...and some shirts, too.




Meli (center; Miguel and Isi's dad) and Josh
burning it into the run-to-bike transition


Destiny wrapping up the 5K.


Cesar on the leading edge (of fashion, anyway)


Cheyann flashing her Foster Grants in the 5K


Even without reindeer, the man can move.


Oh, now we get it. He's chasing a wayward elf.


Brian coming into T1.


Destiny, Kassandra and Cheyann escorting Iron-legend and
EE friend Bill Bell into transition


Rudolfo, new-found pride clearly in evidence


Nik, focused and holding form


New member Teddy


Miguel hanging in despite the side stitch


Vianey, a star on her high school cross country team,
has improved her times tremendously.


The last leg of the tri is three laps in the 50-meter pool.


Nik exiting strong


Miguel, looking glad it's over.


Stephanie had a great finish.


And so did Marlene.


They're supposed to be cheering on their teammates, but
"Hey, wait! There's a camera!"


Hardware awaits the winners.


Josh takes first place in his age group...
for the fourth year in a row!



In her very first event, Kassandra seizes first place.
And two other EE kids grabbed 2nd and 3rd, for a clean sweep.


Rudolfo collecting his award for an impressive performance.


Josh and Isi, representin'


Afterwards, a dip into the bins of donated duds


Marv ("I can't stop looking at it") was thrilled with this beautiful bike,
one of two identical Simonetti's donated by a friend of the kids.


Sometimes one inspirational adult  can turn your life around.
For Marv it was
Ron, a school officer who got him into cycling.


Bill Bell celebrating a great day with a few of the gang.
A splendid time was had by all!