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Exceeding Expectations




Two years ago, nine of the Exceeding Expectations kids swam as many laps as they could in an hour to raise money for the program and to try to win a trip to the 2005 Competitor Magazine Endurance Sports Awards banquet at Sea World in San Diego. 

The main purpose of the Swimathon was to boost the kids to a new level of social skills by having them write letters and make phone calls to get sponsors to pledge at least 25 cents a lap. The goal was $3,000, and over 140 people responded and stepped up to making the pledge. The kids rose to the challenge and raised $3,486.

This year we did it again, with 14 kids participating. The swim was held today and the results are in:

The kids raised $6,394!


Here's how they did, in alphabetical order. (Only the number of laps are shown, not the amount of money each swimmer raised.) 

Mikey Arbour *

Vianey Barrios 54
Isi Ibarra 48
Miguel Ibarra 68

Nik Keller *

Jose Lopez 81

Arturo Orozco


Edgar Orozco*

Ricardo Orozco 56

Angel Ramirez


Diego Ramirez

Josh Rodriguez-Irons* 93
Cesar Romero 72

Marlene Samano


(* Top four fundraisers)


If you made a pledge to one of the kids, you will be receiving a letter within a few days telling you how many laps he/she swam and asking you to send your pledge. Some of you have already sent in your donation, so please accept the letter from your kid as a Thank You only.


Click here to see photos of the kids, the families who came to cheer them on and the terrific volunteers who made this wonderful day happen.

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