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"Race? What race?"


The Exceeding Expectations Kids
at the
PossAbilities Triathlon
Loma Linda, CA
April 29, 2007


5K/10 mi/150 yds
a special shorter race for the littler kids


The kids wore their snazzy new uniforms from
Sue Fraser of North American Sports.
These are the ones we were able to hold still long enough
to take a picture.


A bit of last-minute advice from the coach


New team member Kyle Williams


Brian Nguyn


Newcomer Kevin Jackson (top photo on the page, too)


Lizette Lopez


Stephanie Lujuan in the "serene zone"


Marlene Samano heading for the finishing chute


Miguel Ibarra


Meli Ibarra and daughter Isi






Stephanie & Marlene


And here are the younger kids getting ready for the
"Introduction to Triathlon" Triathlon.
First step? Look cool in your new uniform.


Newcomers Destiny and Bruce Covarrubias with Jacque Irons,
Mama and Grandma & the Coach


Coach Cherie gives helmet instructions.


They're off!


Here's the result of Cherie's helmet coaching:




Auditioning for "Sideways II"


Just making sure he's ready for the swim.


Jose Lopez and Nik Keller observing helmet technique:
"And we've been listening to this coach for six years?"


Magdalene, a veteran, gets it right.


There were one or two minor organizational problems.
But leave it to kids to improvise their own transition area.


Josh Rodriguez:
"Hey, yo! Did we have a good time or what?"