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Edgar Orozco's

Run for the Prom


High school senior Edgar Orozco's school doesn't have enough money to put on a prom,
but they said they'd do it if the kids could raise the funds.
Edgar proposed running for the money, and asked a bunch of Exceeding Expectations supporters to pledge donations if he ran a half marathon.

Today was the day...


The support crew getting ready. Most of them are going to run lesser distances
before gearing up to supply water and encouragement.  


Miguel and Isi Ibarra's dad, Meli. He'll run ten today.


Isi and Miguel, tense before hitting the road.


Managing director of the support crew, wondering how
he let Isi get her hands on his camera.


Emilio Holguin paced Edgar the whole distance.


Edgar's girlfriend Maria lends a hand.


Marlene Samano pushing past Meli.


Edgar's brother Ricardo refueling Emilio.


Miguel running in his basketball shoes.


The coach put in her own half marathon, warming up for the
Arizona Ironman in two weeks.


Isi and Marlene, together for a second until...


...Isi sprints by for the last of her four miles today.


A train running right across the run course threatened to disrupt plans,
but Emilio and Edgar managed to beat it to the crossing.


Running through the orange groves. 
(not photographed: Executive volunteer director Lee demonstrated 
fruit-jacking technique to make sure the kids wouldn't do it.)


Across a bridge at the ten-mile mark. Edgar caught a serious
cramp at mile eight and it kept getting worse.




Last hundred yards. Edgar was at the end of his rope, having run
in a lot of pain for the last three miles. But there was never
a thought of quitting.






The coach shows Edgar how to deal with those roped-up muscles.



Meanwhile, Emilio looked ready for another thirteen.


A splendid time was had by all!