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Our newest high school graduate:

Edgar Orozco
June 11, 2007

...and he does it in grand style!


Those of us lucky enough to have seen Exceeding Expectations team member Edgar Orozco graduate as part of Sierra High School's Class of 2007 were rewarded with a handful of major surprises.


Start off with an extra pair of tassels the school awarded Edgar for
single-handedly saving the senior prom

Personal note from Edgar to all you generous donors:
"All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.
That's why I'm writing this letter thanking you,
because I believe in angels, the kind heaven sends,
because I am surrounded by angels.
But I call them friends."

...then throw in not one but four scholarships:

Kiwanis Club of San Bernardino

Rotary Club North

Waterman Car Wash

Lyman & Elizabeth Rich


...and top it all off with the highest honor of the night:

How about that!


Edgar is going to be using his scholarship money to study
graphic design at Valley College starting this fall
(Valley College is also where graduation was held).


Some more snaps of a great night:


Not exactly the quiet, dignified affair of our own distant youth:


The Exceeding Expectations luxury skybox


Proud coach and family


Girlfriend Maria


EE co-founder Jacque Irons with sons (and team members)
Josh and Damien.


Life advice from the coach.
("Sure. Whatever you say.")


By the way:

Edgar is the fourth Exceeding Expectations team member
to graduate high school. Thursday night we'll have our fifth:

Emilio Holguin, graduating San Gorgonio High!

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