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Desert Triathlon
Lake Cahuilla
La Quinta, California

April 22, 2007


Editor's apology: Your intrepid reporter forgot his camera and tried to make do with a cell phone. A Nikon it ain't exactly, but if you squint you can make out a face or two.



Ricardo Orozco and Marlene Samano


Volunteer Guido with Cherie


We made a little extra dough for the team selling beverages.
That's Nik Keller's mom Kami seated, and EE co-founder
Jacque Irons standing next to her.


Volunteer and EE team accounting wizard Elizabeth Farnan-Garfield


Jacque's son and team weisenheimer Josh Rodriguez,


Meli Ibarra, super-dad


Volunteer Dennis Shaw


Volunteer Tyler O'Connor.
Fifteen years old and first male out of the water in his wave!

Proud medalist Josh.