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Ironman Party

December 2, 2007


Apologies up front: Your humble photographer got distracted trying to fix a flat on the EE trailer and forgot his camera. A semi-damaged substitute was found and these were the best we could muster.


What a treat we had today. 

The kids had a great time this morning at the Holiday Classic 5K/15K in Loma Linda and there were some stellar finishes in the 15K: Josh Rodriguez took first in his age group, Nik Keller took third and Miguel Ibarra grabbed fourth. We also had nine brand new team members race for the first time, in the 5K.

But that wasn't the big deal. When we all headed back to EE co-founder Jacque Irons' house for the annual Ironman party, we were treated to a musical recital by four Exceeding Expectations team members who blew the crowd away with their incredible virtuosity.


Jacque son Josh Rodriquez played Pachelbel's beautiful "Canon in D"
accompanied by the synthesizer behind him.


Then he teamed up with his brother Damien, who just finished
a lively solo rendition of Suzuki's "Allegro."

Josh and Damien were both selected to be members of the County
Honors Orchestra, which is comprised of the best young musicians in
San Bernardino and will be playing a concert at the University of Redlands in March.
Josh and Damien are two of the youngest members.


Rapt attention from EE kids (and family) listening to
their talented teammates.
Jacque, a teacher, told us that there's a nearly 100% correlation
between playing a musical instrument and higher grades.


Isi Ibarra shied away from the classics and rocked us with
"The Candy Man."



Then her brother Miguel finished up the show with Beethoven's
much-beloved "Fur Elise" and an encore of Bach's "Prelude in C Major."
(Those who stuck around got a private performance of
Scott Joplin's immortal rag, "The Entertainer.")