Hello, Everyone:

We’re still getting together on weekends for training sessions (masked and socially distanced) and the last couple of months we’ve been busy and have logged plenty of miles.

All the kids are back in school, although everyone is working remotely. Our three college freshmen, Jeffrey, Ricardo and Vanessa, are doing well and looking forward to the day when they can enjoy the college experience as it’s supposed to be. Josh has started his graduate program in Music and John is finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and will graduate this spring.

2021 will also see Diana start college (she’s already received early acceptance to the University of Arizona and, with her grades and resume of accomplishments, will be receiving many more acceptances) and Tammy is starting a nursing program at Loma Linda University in December.


Geoffrey getting some college advice from UCLA grad Archi Lai


Vanessa gets the same from her cousin, Cal Baptist senior John Alvarez


College freshman Ricardo


Tammy, with brother and EE teammate Joseph


John receiving a scholarship check


University of Arizona acceptance is in the bag for Diane, but more to come

Accomplished violinist and Master’s candidate Josh


The IRONMAN World Championship, which I had hoped to do in Kona this month, was, of course, cancelled. So, I took on the challenge of a Virtual IRONMAN race called Hawaii from Home. It entailed doing the IM distances over a period of one week. Not quite the same, but a challenge none the less! The kids joined me for the final four miles of the marathon at our last EE training session. In crossing the virtual IRONMAN finish line, they got to feel a bit of Kona Aloha. It was a fun experience for all of us.



The following week we concluded the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) Community Challenge that started mid-August. Each participant covers as many miles as possible over a 10-week period (run, bike, swim, walk, etc.) with sponsors for each mile.

Our goals were to provide an opportunity for the kids to engage with the inspiring challenged athletes and to raise money for CAF, the organization which not only helps physically challenged athletes stay in the game but also has supported the Exceeding Expectations program since our inception. Both goals were accomplished!

The 41 EE kids who participated each had a sponsor who committed 25 cents per mile. EE’s final tally for the 10-week challenge was: 4,698 miles covered and $1,174 raised to help make a positive impact in the lives of challenged athletes.

We thank each of you who sponsored our kids in this great experience. 




We look forward to the day when we can live as in the past, running in groups, giving hugs and high-fives and generally relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in close proximity. In the meantime, we’re grateful for our good health and for the creativity and adaptability everyone is demonstrating.

The goals of Exceeding Expectation will never change and we look forward to your continued support in helping us make this world a better place, one kid at a time.

Thank you and stay safe!



P.S. (From Lee) Cherie was featured in a couple of online presentations in connection with “Kona Week” celebrations in lieu of the IRONMAN World Championship this year. Here are the links:

  • “Fiercest Women of Kona” segment of the IRONMAN Celebration Week show, narrated by Mike Reilly. You can see Cherie’s piece of that presentation here, and a follow-up interview by Michael Lovato and Dede Griesbauer, here.
  • Extended interview with Yuri Hauswald of GU Energy Labs, which included a surprise visit by two-time IRONMAN world champion Mirinda Carfrae, here.