Hello Folks,

Summer is here and, although the EE kids have finished the school year, they're still busy exceeding expectations.

Joseph, Ana and Joselyn graduated from high school in June and are using the summer preparing for the next phase of their lives: College!


Joselyn (left) and Ana (right) are off to Cal State San Bernardino in the Fall. 


Joseph is on his way to UC Irvine. His sister Louisa, left, graduated Berkeley and will go back to the campus to pursue an advance degree in International Studies. Other sister Tammy just finished her freshman year at U.C. Riverside.


As our list of EE college attendees and graduates grows, it provides more and more incentive for our younger kids to follow in the footsteps of their older team mates:


A wealth of year-end academic honors for Karen

Aramiz is "Top Reader" in the first grade

Arian's award for a music concert performance


Exceeding Expectations strives to provide guidance and opportunity to these kids so they will grow into young adults who live special lives. It’s very gratifying to watch our dream become a reality. 



Edgar, a Marine Corp Corporal and a fine husband and father of three, recently completed two years at Parris Island as a Drill Sergeant and stopped in for a visit on his way to Okinawa to run a Motor Pool group.



Our U.C. San Diego graduates Nik and Marlene both hold very responsible professional positions and generously support EE with both their time and their wallets.


Our success with EE is directly related to each of you generous supporters. You make it possible for us to meet our financial obligations and you give creatively of yourselves to offer the kids opportunities of a lifetime.


Don and Frank Reilly of Reilly Financial Advisors in San Diego give 10 tickets a year to our kids and families for a day at Disneyland, an adventure they would never have without this gift.

The Franco family was one of the recipients this year and they spent
one of the happiest day of their lives at the “Happiest Place on Earth."


Tory Nelson generously gave her time to work with four of our kids who are great bikers and runners, but lose it all in the swim. She spent two productive sessions with the boys in a beautiful pool at the home of the Ogles, whose daughter, Cat Ogle, volunteered with EE and introduced us to Tory and her parents who opened their home, their pool and their hearts to our kids.



On the training and racing front:

Summer training began in June. Thanks to another USAT grant, we’re continuing our Movin’ Up program that started last year for the younger kids, so we’ve included bike training along with running at each session.

This program concludes in September where we’ll have a final team running race. Those running the 10-mile course will be competing for a slot to attend the Challenged Athletes Foundation event in San Diego in October - an opportunity the kids treasure and vie for with everything they’ve got.

Based on current results, there’s going to be a real battle for these slots.


On June 25th, the kids participated in the Tin Man Sprint Tri and 5K. The bad news: I raced a Ironman 70.3 in Texas that day so there are no photos of the event. The good news: Nik stepped in and managed the event in my absence and did a magnificent job of it. The EE kids dominated, with 12 podium finishes (i.e., first, second or third place). Archi placed 4th male overall and Isi placed 6th female overall. Both are current college students, which makes them doubly inspiring for the younger kids.

On the same weekend, eight year-old Ahris Mayorga competed in the USA Track National Championships in Illinois. Racing in the 8-9 year old category, he placed 1st in the mile and 7th in the 1500.

We knew he was a champion, and he proved it again in a major championship event. He came home a real star and we couldn’t be more proud of him. And it doesn’t go unnoticed by any of the kids, that Ahris is also a very good student.



As you know, we have big hopes and dreams for our kids. And it’s clear the kids are working hard on their own hopes and dreams. But regardless of how dedicated to success they are, they will still need a great deal of help from us. You folks, our generous supporters, have always stepped up and made it all possible, and for that we are very grateful to you.

This is a rewarding journey as we watch our kids grow and become successful.

I thank you very much for the huge part you play.



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