Hello, Everyone:

We’re now two months into this challenging pandemic and I thought it was a good time to check in with our loyal Exceeding Expectations supporters.

The good news is that all our EE kids and families are healthy. The kids are getting their schooling remotely and, as much as I miss seeing and hugging them, we’re all behaving responsibly and staying in communication via phone and text.


Learning from home (EE supplied some of these computers)



The Mayorga brothers – Arian, Aramis and Ahris -- get in some soccer practice on their own
while Matthew shoots some solo hoops



Karen already plays piano and violin, and is using this time
to teach herself a new instrument



We’re all in this together, but we’re not all impacted in the same way.

Our EE parents are hardworking people. Many of them work two jobs to take care of their kids.

Where many of us can work from home, these folks don’t have that option. Some wash dishes in restaurants that are now closed. Others clean offices that are no longer being used, pick vegetables that are not now making it to market or stock shelves in stores that were forced to close. They clean other people’s homes and take care of other people’s kids – neither of which is happening currently. When the stay-at-home order happened and business and commerce shut down, so did all financial support for many of our families.

This situation and the effect it’s having on our families makes our Exceeding Expectations goal more important than ever. We must help these kids get an education so that they have options and opportunities their parents will never have. That goal will never change and will always be our priority.

That said, today we’ve added a second priority, which is just as important at this moment: We must protect our kids and that means helping vulnerable families keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Like every non-profit organization during this challenging time, we’re making necessary adjustments while keeping our focus on the overall plan. We are committed to keeping our families safe and healthy and our kids educated.

As always, I’m filled with hope for the future as I watch the EE kids and parents, never complaining, simply adapting.


“We got this!”


As always, we thank you for the part you play in helping our kids and families exceed expectations!

Stay well.